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The Thermo Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerator is as precise as it is spacious and is built to meet your needs for a variety of industrial, clinical and scientific applications. This 51.1 cu foot lab refrigerator comes complete with two hinge covered 2in access ports and a duplex vapor proof outlet, that can accommodate chromatography instruments for easy set up and access. The temperature range of this chromatography refrigerator is adjustable between 1°C and 8°C and can be set at the digital control panel. This lab refrigerator is microprocessor controlled, with simple operation and programing, an icon based interface, and key lockable set points to prevent accidental tampering. This chromatography refrigerator comes with a variety of alerts to protect the contents, such as a graphic thermometer display that flashes at the top for over temperature warnings and at the bulb to under temperature warnings and as alerts for power failures.

The Thermo Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerator is constructed of cold rolled steel both inside and out with a corrosion resistant high impact powder coat. The double, multipaned, glass doors of this chromatography refrigerator are lockable and will hold when open to 90°. Condensation in this chromatography fridge is automatically removed and an automatic defrost eliminates the need for a timer, minimizes build up and optimizes efficiency. Lastly the excellent uniformity you expect from a Thermo Revco Lab Refrigerator is handled through positive forced air circulation, and industrial quality, extra strength compressors filled with CFC free refrigerant.

Thermo Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerator Specifications:


51.1 cu. ft., 1447L



Dimensions Interior        

29 x 52.5 x 58 in. (73.7 x 133.4 x 147.3cm)

Dimensions Exterior   

 57 x 36 x 79 Iin.


High-density CFC-free foam urethane


Two 2 in. dia. (5.1cm) access ports with hinged covers


580 lb

Temperature Range (Metric)      

1°C to 8°C


208 - 230V 60Hz 12.5A


UL and cUL listed. CE marked.

  • Thermo Revco REC5004D20
  • Operator's Key
  • 208V/230V Power Cord
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerator has been tested for functionality and comes with current validation reports.  All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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