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The Thermo Scientific Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge is an ultra-light, thin layer cell preparation centrifuge built from a long line of reliable Shandon Cytospin centrifuges.  The Cytospin 4 delivers economical thin layer preparations from any liquid medium, especially hypo-celluar fluids such as spinal fluids and urines. The Thermo Scientific Cytospin 4 cyto-centrifuge has the ability to process up to 12 specimens at one time. The Cytospin 4 accepts all protocols from its predecessors, the Shandon Cytospin 1, 2 and 3.The Cytospin 4 has a reshaped lid-release mechanism that allows for on-handed opening.

For your safety the lid remains locked during rotation. The operator can see the sealed head during cyto-centrifugation thanks to the polycarbonate widow. The Thermo Scientific Cytospin 4 is resistant to accidental fluid spillage on the mechanism and electronic component furthermore the Cytospin is designed for easy disinfection and is compliant with stringent IEC 61010 standards for centrifuge safety .The ultimate safety procedures of this centrifuge allow for easy loading of the sealed head in a microbiological cabinet. The Cytospin 4  from Thermo Shandon features an auto-locking mechanism in the plastic outer lid with capped disposable sample chambers. Safety alarms protect both users and specimens during all stages of operation. Cleaning is also made easy thanks to the convenient wipe clean control panel.

Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 Centrifuge Specifications:

Maximum SpeedUp To 2000 RPM's
Dimensions16" x 9.5" x 24.5" inches
Dimensions (with lid open)16" x 25 x 24.5" inches 
Weight 26.5 lb
Power 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 

  • Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 Cytocentrigue
  • 12-Place Rotor
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • Warranty

This Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 just came in and was thoroughly tested by our technician to ensure centrifuge is performing up to factory specification.  The instrument is in like new condition and comes backed by our standard warranty.  Unit is currently ready to be shipped with a 1-2 business day turnaround time from receipt of order.  If you would like to receive a formal quote please fill out the form below.  Should you have any used centrifuges for sale let us know.   We're actively pursuing new inventory to meet the demands of our customers.  

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