No Longer in Need of Lab Equipment? Consider Selling at Auction

Used laboratory equipment auctions are a great way to sell large amounts of lab equipment quickly

There are a number of reasons labs will look to sell equipment. Whether the lab is downsizing, a facility is closing, or a trial received federal funding, one question always remains the same: What do you do with all of the lab equipment you no longer need? One option to consider is participating in a lab equipment auction. The Lab World Group offers used Lab Equipment assessments and auction organization to ensure any event they faciliatate goes smooth to maximize your profit while also adhering to any time constraints that may be a factor. Once a laboratory auction is scheduled, The Lab World Group will broadcast the event to a large database of qualified buyers looking to purchase used laboratory equipment.

These targeted buyers will be from various market places with specific interests in your lab's instruments.  Used Lab Equipment Auction can generally run between 1-2 business days, but schedule vary on customer needs.  Buyers will be responsible for removal of the items they won on auction and this generally happens over the course of the next two weeks, following the event.  Again, schedules are tailored to meet our client's needs.  Used Lab Equipment Auctions offer a quick selling cycle and high conversion rate. Interested in learning more? Contact The Lab World Group for more information about laboratory equipment auctions, as well as other used lab equipment buying and selling options.