Spider lives inside man

man had spider live inside, burrowed through his belly button

A 21 year old from Western Australia acted as a host to a tropical spider for three days after it burrowed into his torso through a scar in his belly button from a recent surgery. One morning Thomas noticed a red line around two inches long starting up from his navel. Over the course of the day, it had grown by about three inchest toward his chest, which made Thomas call for medical help. The physician first thought it was a reaction from an insect and prescribed him a tropical anti-histamine. It didn't work.  Later in the same day, Thomas reports the red line began to burn and form blitsters. The next day he went back to get another opinon on his condtion and found out the true cause. A small arachnid entered his body through a scar in his belly button. 

Thomas claims that the bug, which was slightly larger than the head of a match, was already dead when surgically removed. Throughout the three days of being in him, the spider travel all the way from his navel to his sternum. The spider was sent to an arachnologist.