Agilent Technologies has been a staple for the past two decades in the life sciences community as a manufacturer of a wide range of biotechnology equipment. Some of their highlight instruments from their product catalog are Agilent HPLC, Bioanalyzer, LC/MS, and Gas Chromatographs. We carry a wide range of items including Agilent 1100, 1200, 1260, 1290 HPLC systems, along with Bioanalyzer 2100, 6890 GC, 7890 GC, 8453 Spectrophotometers, and more. All our instruments have been vetted by our service team to ensure each machine is performing up to factory specification with a clean bill of health. All our Agilent HPLC systems come with computer workstations running Openlab Chemstation software and carry our standard warranty.